ZipRecruiter review

My overall experience with ZipRecruiter is great. I would recommend this to my student and everyone I know looking for a job.The best thing about ZipRecruiter is once you created a profile there are so many jobs you can just click once to apply which is very awesome and time saving compared to some of the other platform where you get directed to the company site and asked to fill out an application which could take hours and never get a call or an interview.

You can actually find high quality applicants with this site. I am on it every day matching my skills against other job seekers. It helps me by identifying the skills needed to do a certain job. Do I have the preferred skill set the company is looking for? If not, do I want to learn those skills, so I’m ready for the next opportunity? This app has helped me in understanding what recruiters wants. There are enough details and valid jobs .The program also encourages you as a highly qualified applicant, to put in for the job. I use it to match my skills and abilities, against open opportunities. It works seamlessly. Zip Recruiter is almost like a plug in play site. That’s because it is such an easy program to use, and there are step by step instructions to guide you. What I like the most is the quality of the site. Post a resume, it uploads and populates. Then you follow the prompts and fill your information in, and before you know it, recommendations are coming in.

Applying for new jobs can be a full-time job in itself. It is usually a big hassle reading through the job description and qualifications to even decide if you want to apply. Not to mention the actual application process itself. ZipRecruiter makes it so unbelievably easy to apply for jobs.  The search function allows you to narrow your job based on many factors I.e. location, industry, salary. This is a huge plus in the fact that you can eliminate any job that doesn’t fit your needs. Another great factor is that ZipRecruiter will notify you if an employer has reviewed your resume. No longer do you have to worry if it has been seen or not. It’s literally as easy as “1 click apply”. They even send you jobs that you qualify for straight to your email so you don’t waste hours a day sifting through job postings. That is how I found the current job I am with, and have been here over a year!

Ease of use and its navigational qualities get you where you need to go with no fuss, information is placed right where it needs to be with reference tabs and links to further your relationship with personal and companies.

 The job descriptions are accurate and from time to time you get information about the progress of your inquire. Even using other similar products, I found a closer relation with Zip.The most important quality of a software is the design; it should provide: comprehensible information through ease of use and logical sequence. ZipRecruter allows, the job seeker and the employer to find specifics. You provide the specific information on Specialty, location and a string of useful information will flow. Is so easy to use that is almost intuitive. It provides follow ups.

I found job postings that I did not find anywhere else. This led to my opportunities for me when I was job hunting and I did receive more contact with different companied than I did using other job search sites.I liked how it pairs my strengths and what I am looking for in a job so perfectly which presents a multitude of results so that I can find a great fit for me and the employer.

Overall very happy with the app. Minor glitches while switching inbetween pages and search. The design could be further made simple and the clutter on job search should be removed. Ads hurt the main page as it makes it difficult for the user to find jobs. The job search suggestions is helpful but the suggestions are not as great. The beauty with which the software application streamlines the job search process is amazing. It provides other similar job options that helps me diversify my job search. The suggestion tool is really powerful with zip recruiting. Really easy to navigate the website as well as the app. Since the resume is uploaded the setup time is really low to apply to many new jobs. This makes the job search process really easy, fast and efficient. t provides sufficient information about open positions, tries to accurately match positions to end-user skill sets, presents relevant job opportunities, and makes it easy to apply. The software always keeps me informed of where my application is in the process of my job search. I highly recommend this software for job seekers as well as employers.this software is very easy to use, it is precise, very informative, and is always engaging the end-user. Communication is continuous and updates are very frequently disseminated to all users.It gives you notification of jobs related to your field and it gives notification around your area. It also tells about pay of job in notifications.

I love using this website because you can apply so easily to jobs. Just a few clicks and boom, applied. I also love how it tells you when employers view your application. It makes me get excited

I wish that you could sort by “salary shows as x/year” because most of their entries don’t show any salary, then I don’t want to apply to them because I don’t know if it’s a livable wage or not.

Overall experience has been very positive. I would continue to use for both searching for a job as well as posting availabilities for businesses.

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