This is the same name male fragrance that Versace produced in 1986. If you have a boyfriend who is 20-65, buy a bottle of L’Homme for him; if you have a father who is 38-68, buy it ; if your husband and you are still in love, buy a bottle of L’Homme for him.

I hope that every man around me smells like it, and there is no exception.

Can’t stand someone who still doesn’t know this perfume, can’t stand it. Although it may not very popular now, it is really the smell of a hot model.

What does a hot guy mean? Deep, charming, sexy, and stylish.

He must be a man who take responsibility, not frivolous; he can make your adrenaline soar, and know who to reject; he can hold you up with one hand, this hand also knows how to ride the wind and waves in the most gentleman way .

Jude Law of 15 years ago must be the taste of Versace L’Homme.

The citrus family (lemon, bergamot, bitter orange leaf, basil) is in front, green and bitter, very effective to erase the greasy, you will lose 20 pounds once apply it.

The oakmoss, leather, and patchouli are in the back, complex and spicy, like a real knight, correcting the heroic posture.

You may not be able to find such a man for a lifetime, but you can use it to create an illusion. Buy a bottle of Versace L’Homme, spray on his clothes, on the collarbone, on the earlobe. Imagine that he is the man who appears in your dreams.

After a long time, the illusion is true.

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