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After hearing ZipRecruiter a hundred times as I listen to my favorite podcast, I decided give it a try for my hires, and you know what it is as easy as it is. Within a few day , I was receiving applications from some pretty exciting candidates.I love the fact that it seems to be a well-known and trusted site and that you can reach candidates all over the us and oversees. We have just begun using this when our applicant pools run dry. This software makes posting a job opening easy and will post to multiple job boards with the click of one button as opposed to having to post the opening to several job sites.The capacity to make a pre-screening study that can consequently exclude not qualified competitors. ZipRecruiter is easy to use and it provides a nice measure of work opportunity postings.

Ziprecruiter has a quite a few features that are on other sites but what make ZR better is the way it is laid out. The site is very easy to use and easy on the eyes when analyizing what is going on. In addition their auto update make it easy to see what is available from your phone. They also let you know the status of your application. I liked that candidates where viewing our information and coming to us. More recently we had a representative reach out to help narrow the search and make the position listing reach the right audience. Update the listing to make it more appealing, and help plug in the right key words to have the right type of people apply. Without the help of someone who knows how to use ZipRecruiter, it could be hard to get a good ROI. ZipRecruiter makes hiring a breeze. There are thousands of applicants/resumes to choose from. They have made it convenient by having a keyword search bar and a “within ___ radius” option. You can easily filter out any resumes that don’t fit or search for ones that do. They offer traffic boosts which make you’re listings more visible. ZipRecruiter also offers social media integration, pre interview screenings, and much more! It makes finding suitable candidates extremely easy. The value is spectacular and you can pay either annually or month to month. With so many options to help find good quality candidates it goes even further and offers a dashboard where you can keep track of your previously viewed resumes, track employee information and even get health insurance quotes. It really is a simple, reliable and outstanding tool for any business looking to streamline the hiring process.

They are always updating and making sure that you are aware of the latest trends. Lots of extras and all the bells and whistles with this service. Whatever I need and if I change anything it is updated immediately. I have not had to use the customer service help, but it was always offered and right there for me if needed. There are so many users on both ends that there is never a short supply of jobs or seekers. Very top notch and I would recommend this to anyone who is in need! The software syncs across devices, a must for professionals who have to use multiple technology devices. I downloaded the mobile app and I can make changes to my account or resume as needed. It saves time and is very easy to see current job listings that I might qualify for. Hiring goes a lot smoother because the job posting pops up with other relevant postings. They show up in regular emails when the applicants are looking for jobs. It connects to your email and other social media accounts. It notifies you when your job applications are viewed. It suggests similar jobs that are relevant to the jobs the applicant has applied to. Unlike other software these jobs are actually relevant to the applicants skills they have stated in their profile.We received so many resumes that it was nearly a job in itself to sort through. We were only looking for one employee but finding good people is difficult. Thus the massive number of responses is quite necessary. There will never be a shortage of resumes to review. Every day that the job was listed as active, we received at least twenty responses. I really like the ability to categorize and filter by quality and reaction. It’s absolutely necessary given the volume involved. I have had good and bad resumes through this aggregation site. Hiring quality people is the hardest part of being an employer. Also, we receive a discount offer in the mail or by email more often than we can use it as we are not always hiring. This is good!

ZipRecruiter allows you to post ads for specific jobs so you find the right candidates. It allows you to customize the ads so you reach exactly who you’re looking for. Once you publish your ad it sends it to different platforms so you can a wider demographic. You can also interact with candidates who have applied to your positions or search for top candidates through their resume database and invite them to apply.  Plenty of great candidates from the zero minute you are up! For the price, it is the best option out there, and to be frank, it rocks. The account managers are knowledgeable and friendly and they help guide you through the process and help you increase your exposure. From an applicant side, always a winner with ZipRecruiter. Ease of use, simplicity of tracking, and a great price-point all make ZipRecruiter and ideal choice as a recruiting tool. From an applicant perspective, it is easy to use, fast to find work, and provides an excellent place to jump off of from. All of these make it the ideal choice in both the hiring / seeking work fields. One big thing to note about using it from the hiring perspective: it doesn’t hide features like the other companies do – the pricing is straight-forward and easy-to-understand, no nonsense.

I highly recommend you to try it out, you will not regret it:

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