Prada,Amber Pour Homme

Prada, Amber Pour Homme.He is both a gentleman and a lone thief. The upper part of the soapy strong neroli oil and lavender together bring a very clean feeling, the lower part of the saffron wrapped in vanilla, myrrh, warm and slightly pungent.Prada Amber Pour Homme is really good, but it has not been too popular for years. I think this is related to Prada’s sales and promotion strategy. The company is not as good at idiots in pushing the perfume. I have smelled too much perfume. The new style of the past ten years, from commercial incense to salon fragrance, I have not found one can match Prada Amber Pour Homme, it is better than Tom Ford’s orange blossom oil, better than the Aramis calligraphy rose, Even if the two are combined, it is not comparable to Prada, because its price is not expensive at all, and the color looks good. I personally think that this culture element is too strong in the perfume. It is like the perfume that polished bad boy chooses most, use the kind gentle polished side to win your heart, use the mystery charming to occupy you, and hold him in your hand, otherwise he will run away, laughing at you far away.

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