Le Galion, La Rose; All roses are roses

I have written many young girl roses, and I have written a lot of sexual roses. Le Galion’s La Rose is my first young women rose. The newly-married girl, is considered to be in love with her husband. La Rose’s pink rose fits on her, gentle and dignified, sleek, elegant, exquisite, and her calm beauty. There are also patchouli, peach, vanilla, which can be smelled, but they are just around the rose, slowly forging the rose to be the young beautiful woman.

Ouyang Duanli in Wang Anyi’s “Elapsed” should spray La Rose after the children fall asleep. The kind of pink rose will make her stronger; Mrs. Bossein in Balzac’s “Father Goriot” will leave Paris wearing La Rose, the ball was grand, love failed, she still gave Paris the last gentle and stubborn. All roses are roses, but this one is exceptionally fragrant.

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