Guerlain Liu. Turandot: Love with no word.

In 1926, the unfinished work of Giacomo Puccini , Turandot, was released in Milan. Giacomo Puccini is extremely talented. His devoted all his life to the work, and when it is about to finish, he died.

The death of Puccini has aroused great concern. Everyone said, ah, he died while writing a terrible story, but we need that story. So a man named Franco Alfano appeared and said, I can finish this story for Puccini. He is a student that Puccini proud of. He indeed finished Turandot at last, although people have different comments to his work.  

In the story of Turandot, there is a lady named Liu. The story takes place in the Yuan Dynasty of China. Her is the servant-girl, who loves the prince of Calaf silently. Even if the prince has already lost the legacy, even if the prince went to Yuan to participate a contest for marriage, she loves him whatsoever.

The prince Calaf and his father escaped to China, but they got separated later. On the road to the capital, The prince Calaf found his father. There is only a servant girl take after him. This lady is Miss Liu. Miss Liu has experienced ups and downs, with an old man who lost his power and who may be killed at any time, take care of the old man every day, from taking a bath to giving him a massage. For what? , one day, when meet the prince, she could say I saved your father. But If the person who you secretly love feel grateful for you, the relationship can never happen.

The Yuan Dynasty was never a easy one. The princess called Turandot was very high maintenance. Sh had issued a decree for mirage seeking and asked the applicant to reply to three questions. If their answers are all correct, they can marry the princess. If their answers are not right, they should die . Thousands of princes came to China to propose to Turandot, and were cruelly killed by the princess. This proves that Turandot is actually a corpse lover, and every night she must appear on the prince’s body on time, desperately kissing their cold and stiff body, and using her body temperature to caress the bloody solid residue. The princess is dignified and beautiful, cold and noble, and everyone can’t help but love her. People say that they love beautiful ladies, especially those who have rights and money.

Calaf also applied, for the restoration of the country, but he was extremely smart and answered the three questions right. The princess is angry, because she can no longer fuck the corpses of the princes, so the princess said that I born noble, I will not marry you, what can you do about it! The emperor disagreed, saying that the words of emperor should count. The princess was so angry that she cried and cried. Calaf came out say, I also have a question, if you can answer it right, you do not have t marry me, as long as you can get the right answer before dawn. The question is: what is my name. The princess’s eyes lit up, so she launched the power of the whole city to check the name of the stranger.

How could know him? This man just came to China, but don’t forget, his father and Liu also come with him, they must know his name! At this time, a man captured liu and his father, forced them to tell the name of the prince in front of the princess. The princess sent someone to torture the old man. Calaf couldn’t see it, but he didn’t move. At this time, Liu said something.

She jumped out and said to the princess:Do not beat the old man. He is very confused. He doesn’t know anything. I am the only one who know his name. You let the old man go. I tell you.

The princess then let go the old man and said, OK, you told me now!

Liu danced and sang: will not tell you!

The princess: are you sure?

Liu said, huh, huh.

Princess said, beat her!

So Liu was beaten hardly. At first she was very excited, because Calaf’s face was green, and the more angry Calaf was , the more happy Liu was. But then it won’t work, because a bunch of big men beat her to death. She felt that she was going to die. She shouted to stopped. I have something to say.

The princess said, say it!

Liu said: the love hidden in the heart is more powerful than the pain of suffering.

Liu began to sing, princess, your cold heart, will be moved by love.

After that, she grabbed the guard’s short knife and committed suicide.

After her death, Calaf and Turandot held a very grand wedding. The two loved each other in harmony and gave birth to seven children.

So, in 1929, after a few years of Turandot’s release, Guerlain launched such a perfume called Liu, which was really crazy.

She said nothing. Love with no words.

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