Dolce & Gabbana,By

Every angel can not fly at the beginning of its birth. The lover wants him to fly, and the angel removes the ribs, gives birth to wings, and carries the lover to the east of Eden. The lover wants the angel to be cute, and the angel digs his eyes. Later, the angel died, and the lover looks for joy, dancing on the sacrum of the angel. God said that there should be light, the angel who died will ask, what is the light to do? God said that this is good. The dead angel don’t know, what is good.

Why did I dig my eyes? Because I’m jealous you can hold him, I can’t see it after I dig my eyes, I am guilty.

Why did I cut my feet? Because I can’t control to chase you, I can’t move after I cut my feet. I am far away from you, you are happy, I am black, I have a black heart.

Why don’t I go back? Because my neck is locked, I broke my neck, hurt my body, and I couldn’t move it. I can forget the past. I am weak.

Flowers grew from the place you went, you love flowers. The people you love are all smiling, you love them. Your life is colorful, rich and full of life, you love life. Everything you remember is simple and cute, you love memories. You can see the future brilliant, just around the corner, you love the future. You look at your body, the white is slender, the face is radiant, you love yourself. Have you forgotten something? Then you must not love.

Dolce & Gabbana’s By can be translated into indulgence, and the leopard bottle was described as wild indulgence. The taste of indulgence is a combination of musk and lavender, very light and very fairy. If this is indulgence, then the protagonist of the indulgence must have already flown into the sky.

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