D & G,L’Impératrice

The L’Impératrice of the Tarot series is my favorite one before 2012. Today, once again,  I still admits its appeal: she, like all women, has a good passion and yearning for marriage and love. She knows that her husband is the most powerful person in the world, so proud, and determine to help all the poor people in the world. At this time, the Queen is full of tenderness, while in the near future, she will be subjected to a series of blows: the husband may loves another  concubine; While she is still in the center of power, she is surrounded by power vortex, and she has to be cautious every move, and loses all innocence little by little; her mother in law does not like her, and none of the women below her do not want to kill her. The Queen, is gentle and happy at the moment. The girls inner world is pink now and all the glitz in the palace wall make her happy.

L’Impératrice is the newlywed queen. With such a seemingly domineering name, the inner side is a soft floral and fruity fragrance. The watermelon, kiwi, pink pepper and jasmine are rich in elements, making it light and brittle. Of course, I don’t spray the smell of such a girly perfume on my body, but when I am at home, when I suddenly feel old, when I need to clean up those heavy things, I will spray some L’Impératrice. The power of elegance is as strong as it is, and those who need love will always be young.

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