Salvatore Ferragamo,Viola Essenziale

This color is beautiful.

Of course, I love the deep purple of Sarrasins, the gorgeous passion, like the color of blood, every drop is in my heart. But Viola Essenziale is easier to wear. It takes purple out of the soul, dyes it on gorgeous silk, sings and dances, and tenderness. The purple here is a little bit of shallow. The daylight comes, and the light purple halo is swaying. It is indeed silk texture, it is the kind of smooth silk, dyed a layer of gorgeous light purple, in fact, the color of the iris, has not turned into a deep blue purple, has not begun to glamorous. It didn’t break into the magic road, there was a faint wave of light in the palm of your hand, and it was red when it touched it. It was shy.

Viola Essenziale is extremely good and extremely easy to wear. Speaking of this, it is not like silk.  The iris is between the flowers, the grass and the roots. It has a planty smell, but it doesn’t make you feel that it is a plant. Besides that, Viola Essenziale is a very good perfume. Its balance and durability are very good, this smell will not be amazing, but it is more comfortable, and the color is very beautiful. I like to use it in sunny weather, as if the skin can be comforted by it, the layer of light purple silk is fit, the years are silent, the world is affectionate.

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