Oriza L.Legrand,Déjà le Printemps

This is not the spring in your imagination.

There are about a thousand kinds of perfumes that express the theme of spring. Most of them are based on florals. For example, Creed Spring Flower and Celine Dion Spring in Paris, which we are very familiar with, are dozens of kinds of flowers.

Oriza, the Déjà le Printemps, is really different. The name is translated as “Spring is here” and its way to express spring is grass. It is mixed with the green flavors of mint, fig leaves and grasses, plus some mossy elements (probably oakmoss), and shows the state of green grass sprouting and branches sprinkling after spring rain. This spring is a bit moist and gloomy. Those grasses and  leaves pop up after a light rain, behind you, looking at you from afar. It certainly has some floral notes. Under the influence of white rosin and vetiver, the faint floral fragrance is negligible. The  leisurely white rosin and the dry vetiver , neutralize a little steam, blasted all the faint loneliness in the spring. If someone can give you a hug, don’t let him go.

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