If Lubin wants me to sell it, I will put this bottle of perfume in the biggest window of the department store, pack it into a huge gift with a pink ribbon, send another 10,000 sales person at the intersection, and give each passing man a note: If you are a straight man, please buy a bottle of Lubin Grisette for your girlfriend; if you are not so straight, please buy yourself a bottle of Lubin Grisette; if you are still alive, please try Lubin Grisette; after I die, Please spray the Lubin Grisette in front of my grave.

Before, I sold a lot of Rumeur Rose, People like the kind of perfume that is as cool and refreshing as Fanta. Some people bought it back and told me that they like it, but they don’t use it often, because Lanvin’s Rumeur Rose is too fanta, and it is a little bit frivolous. They will spray in the mood when they are depressed, and then look at the green trees and safflowers quietly, but it is not appropriate to spray the Rumeur Rose to attend the dinner. The grand banquet does not need Fanta. Well, girls, now with Lubin Grisette, buy it!, you can use Fanta soda at the dinner party! A weapon to adjust emotions when a person is alone, a magic weapon to capture man  at a large and small party, and a recipe for improving taste and temperament is Lubin Grisette, which is the first item on the year’s must have list. 

  Lubin Grisette is an advanced version of the Rumeur Rose. TheRumeur Rose is Fanta’s soda and a little rose. The proportion of roses is very low. Many people don’t even smell it. Only the brisk green citrus is flying around. Lubin Grisette not only has a citrus club made of grapefruit and citrus, but also has a strong rose running through it, making it a very feminine. The temperament of Grisette is not old. It is the kind of fresh rose that young people love now.

 When it was just sprayed out, there was a little strong. However, after the citrus family adjustment, the iris and some oriental elements will float, making the overall temperament from strong to gentle. Grisette is not only suitable for spraying on the body, but also suitable for spraying on silk scarves, when the wind drifts, everyone passes you will feel good. The power of perfume is sometimes so great. Last night I sprayed Grisette on my pillow and had a good sleep.

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