Le Galion,Tubéreuse

Four years ago, I broke a whole bottle of Le Galion Tubéreuse at home. After that, everyone who came to my house was like intoxicated, just like I fed them a big bowl of aphrodisiac.Four years later, I bought another bottle of Le Galion Tubéreuse. This time I didn’t break it , I sprayed it on the quilt and towel every day. In my opinion, Le Galion Tubéreuse is like another layer of clothe, wrapped the skin, with the coolness of the fruit and the splendour of the tuberose, shows elegant and beautiful. I have used countless bottles of tuberose-themed perfumes. Le Galion is one of the most modern one of all. Tuberose, this kind of spice, is easy to make a strong style, sticky and sleek, there is sense of a senior woman’s majesty. But when the dose is large enough, it shows a half-sweet and half-fresh youthful state. Except for Le Galion, I can’t think of any perfume like this.   

You may not be familiar with the Le Galion brand. This is an old French brand, founded by Prince Murat. Before the Second World War, he produced more than ten perfumes, most of which were made by Paul Vacher, who has made Miss Dior and Lanvin Arpege. In 2014, the old brand Le Galion was resurrected. The new and re-enacted old models are all very good. Go buy it, life can not be suck with such a good smell of perfume.

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