Jean Paul Gaultier,Fleur du Male

I haven’t smelled the Fleur du Male for nearly a decade, and Jean Paul Gaultier has heroically stopped producing it. All the products suspended by The JPG brand will have a  price increase, and Fleur du Male is no exception. The pure white bottle lies in the iron bucket box, and the nude plaster-like beautiful man is motionless, hard as iron, tender as water.

Fleur du Male shocked a lot of people when it was launched, and it also triggered the trend of “beautiful man fragrance” in the perfume industry. Your favorite Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris is actually following its footsteps. Before it, the floral fragrance is not the main theme of the male perfume. Fleur du Male breaks this unwritten rule by entwining the enchanting and gentle floral scent of orange blossom and chamomile, adding a little greenery to the leaves of the plants, with a spray, the sun is blooming, the beautiful man in the flower Smile at you. He invite you to dance, you find that your body is stiff, but he treats you softly, grabs your hand, teaches you how to step on it, and Mambo. 

He is a man, wearing a shirt, slim and slender trousers, something are flashing in the corner of his eyes, when you look closely, it is a tear. He is addicted, he is slow, he is soft. The ending of a flower is dead, he will never die, his face will be white and tender, and there will always be a little tear in his eyes. He will take you to the unmanned environment, always gentle.

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