Hanae Mori

I wanted to sell out this Hanae Mori a few days ago. Before receive the payment, I opened the bottle, and then decided to ruin the promise and not sell it to her. This is too fucking good to smell, just like a hidden garden, pushing open the door and going in, 10,000 springs are exploding in front of your eyes!

The breath that can be distinguished by the naked eye is narcissus, oakmoss, jasmine, and tuberose. The old perfumes of Shiseido are almost all of this kind. The flowers are full, the scent is full, and there is no frivolity. There are some something deep in it.Hanae Mori’s own perfume line was established in 1995, all of which are sweet and floral, but compared with the one 1970s, no master style can be found. Yes, this is Mrs. Butterfly, those beautiful little gimmicks can only be called amnesia butterflies.

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