Dolce & Gabbana,Rosa Excelsa

It is a fragrance men can not resist. Capture the man, and smile.

I didn’t know it had this effect before. Last week, my sister came to my house and went out with me. Before we go, she wants to use my Une Rose of FM. OMG, How can I do that to myself? Une Rose is so expensive! So I found this good one, I unpacked it and sprayed it to her, 5 times on cloths, and 1 on wrist. She is very pissed, yes, I am very stingy, smile~.

We took a taxi, the driver was watching her all the way. She sent a message to ask if she has a nipple slip, while not at all. The next day, she asked me what the perfume was. She said that at least six men asked her for phone number! As a 35-year-old unmarried and plain-looking girl, she said that she has not been so excited for 13 years, the last time she was so excited was when her former boyfriend at college made her unintended pregnancy. The men praised her smell good, she was flattered, and later she starts to realize: I don’t care what men like in me, a bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick, a skirt can be a happy or sexual props, and the flesh may not be what you love in deep soul, but who cares about that, live one day, happy one day, and she keeps buying that perfume, , now… very happy.

The flavor of Rosa Excelsa is full, and it is more inclined to bundle flowers in the 1990s. In recent years, this type of perfume is really rare. Now it is more popular with agarwood, or abstraction, two extremes. Rosa Excelsa puts a bunch of roses-based bouquets in a bundle, slaps them, smashes them, and bursts them on the skin. It makes women more feminine, with a little romantic Italian style, flowers wrapped a sexy and curvy girl, in the Mediterranean. The men will of course be dumped by them. As for how long the love lasts, who cares?

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