Christian Lacroix, Tumulte &Gucci, Rush

Gucci, Rush.


I want something red. You want red, so you have red, and the bright red love pours from her hair. You see it is good, so you fell in love with her. Gucci Rush is a powerful and stimulating floral fragrance. It is both passionate and sad. It is destined to have no better results, but it is bright and eye-catching. It’s so cold, so beautiful, it’s love. You write poems for her, die for her, she is indifferent, but seems to return to look at you, giving you some encouragement. Then you move on and become the minister under her skirt. Rush is passionate and a surging desire. You think that passion is yours and desire is hers. Later, you discovered that passion and desire are all hers. She is full of Rush on her body, she smiles, she doesn’t belong to anybody.

Christian Lacroix, Tumulte.


Gorgeous is the true face of love. Under the makeup, ambushing the true heart, eager to find a person to fight, to kill, will eventually meet a person to share, to appease, to silence. Gorgeous will eventually grow old, all love has a broken and confusing side, from blooming to aging, the evolution of love is gradually calm, even if old, there should be no regrets. As long as you love, you don’t have to live forever, and your heart will shine together. Even if you only have one moment, you will be better than yourself. Tumulte is a flower, beautiful , ending in love.

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