Bornéo1834, SergeLutens, 1834##Gratte-Ciel

Hirose: In 1834, when European ladies saw the patchouli essential oil for the first time, those golden precious liquids let them know what bitterness is. Patchouli comes from the earth that has been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. The essence of thick soil makes it hoarse and silent, and it is the same life as the mother of the earth. It makes bitter into steel.

Cocoa fruit: Before 500 BC, Aztecs, childcare, Maya and Incas only ate fresh flesh of cocoa, because cocoa bean was bitter and difficult to swallow, but cocoa fruit was rich in flavor. Later, they used the skyfire to fire the cocoa beans. The aroma after roasting surprised people. Those aromas were bitter and sweet, and they remained in the sky for a long time. The gift of the zombie.

Borneo: Borneo has a vast virgin forest. The afterglow of the setting sun hits the dark green shadows of the trees. The whole island of Kalimantan is still moving. From afar, it is green and majestic. The enthusiasm is projected on the endless land of tension, releasing the energy that destroys everything.

Black: Black is the entanglement of day and night. The sun is not clear. Black and white flowers are quiet and fragrant in the darkness, and they are rushing to life.

Bitterness: There is no more bitter perfume than Bornéo1834. The bitterness of patchouli is wrapped in a waxy dry cocoa aroma. The licorice is splendid and luxurious. It is mixed with a little white snake of gray snake silk. It is bitter, cold and confused. Like the truth of life we don’t want to see. Can you not suffer? No. Suffering is a gesture, it is absolutely cold, the past is good. Suffering needs to be chewed slowly. 

Love: love is fear, humble expectation; love is not self-aware, love is forgotten; love is suspicion, love is jealous, love is sweet but sour, love is bitter and sweet; love is betraying self, love is inexplicable coma, love is long-lasting patience. The night is true, the shoulders around you are real, and the last kiss is true. In Bornéo 1834, love is true, suffering is true, darkness is true.

Sometimes I pass your bitterness, sometimes I pass you.

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