Annick Goutal,Eau de Charlotte

Eau de Charlotte, also known as the autumn whisper, is a bottle of perfume that Annick Goutal made in 1982. The smell is not complicated: mimosa and lily of the valley occupy 99% of the space, and other gaps are probably filled with vanilla and other supporting role. Some people can only smell lily here, the vast majority I smell is mimosa, lily of the valley is only a supporting role,  to the tone, vanilla is the most part, very sweet. But the sweetness here won’t make me think of “sugar”, it’s just the ubiquitous sweetness above the skin, the faint shards, mixed in those little flowers, exquisite and clear.

You can not say Eau de Charlotte smell very good and it can’t make me think of love. However, its temperament is very good, and my intuitive feeling for the perfume is a girl in a white dress, standing in the flower field of Fengmao. She is reading Elizabeth Bishop, you are reading her. What a wonderful thing, like the drizzle, the mountains and the snow, the butterfly loves the crane, and the sky. Like you finally walked past her, suddenly she saw your face.

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