Alfred Sung,Jewel

A boy asked me, his girlfriend is going to have a birthday, what kind perfume could be a gift to her,  he want something a little bit special. I asked what constellation her girlfriend is , he said Gemini, The answer should be very simple! Alfred Sung’s Jewel is perfect for Gemini girl! The little princesses should wear diamonds, and the perfume they wear is Jewel.

Alfred Sung, this brand has certainly not spent much money on promotion in recent years, but the word of mouth has been good, the only reason is very simple: they smell good. Alfred Sung’s dozens of perfumes are very good, they are all very fresh, it reminds the people white clouds, wild grass flowers and white beauty. Take Jewel as an example. The slightly sweet pears are covered with a layer of jasmine. The orange blossoms also display its character. All the elements show their own nature, so how can it smell bad. Alfred Sung is not a brand of olfactory art, but a brand of practical perfume. It never wants to innovate, but its perfume can be sprayed at will. Even if it is not your taste , it can’t be annoying. There is almost no other brand can do it.

A girl with Jewel will probably never be old. Who can resist the time, but they may always have a young heart, always know how to be happy, excited, sad, shocked, they will retain the  largest imagination to the world, and willing to understand everything about world. If Jewel is not old, they are not old, and the beautiful jasmine will not be old. The moonlight is just right, the summer flowers will remain gorgeous.

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