Dusita’s new Iris perfume subverts my perception of Iris perfume.

In general, the Iris-themed perfumes can be divided into three categories: 1. Pure-tailed irises, such as Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist and Xerjoff’s Isisss, which will reflect the character of iris to the highest. People who like the smile of iris will be crazy about it, people who don’t like it will  vomit. There is no gray zone, either you love it or hate it. 2, the Iris-themed, but the Iris is only auxiliary. For example, Iris d’Or of Bvlgari, Bois d’Iris of Van Cleef & Arpels, this kind of perfume has obvious Iris scent, but it is not a pure Iris perfume. It will use other materials to weaken the sputum and darkness of the iris, making it easier to be accepted but also retain the characteristics of the iris; the third type is totally knockoff, the name, the theme is the iris, but there is no iris in the ingredients, at most a little carrot, will not name it here..

Dusita’s Splendiris is a model of the second category. It has a very strong Iris-like aroma, but it doesn’t have the earthy smell. It starts with a moment of soft citrus, a little bit moisturized, water, which is the dual effect of the leaves of the leeks and the leaves of the figs. This gentle watery feeling is very dreamy, everything to be played next will be graced by it. The rose and the iris are like, a round dance, a little bit sweet, it seems to be a combination of vanilla and honey, and a little deep wooden elements, I can not tell what kind of wood exactly. These materials got together and started dancing vigorously. The moisturizing feeling never disappeared, there was a little bit powdery and sweet, but not too much. There is no doubt that the woman who uses Splendiris must be the most special person at the party. She doesn’t have to be sexy, she doesn’t have a strong style. She doesn’t have a fierce face and she doesn’t pose a girl’s shy gesture. The woman with Iriss is too morally lofty. The woman who used Splendiris is not like that, she is silent, gentle is still her only gesture.