If Lubin wants me to sell it, I will put this bottle of perfume in the biggest window of the department store, pack it into a huge gift with a pink ribbon, send another 10,000 sales person at the intersection, and give each passing man a note: If you are a straight man, please buy a bottle of Lubin Grisette for your girlfriend; if you are not so straight, please buy yourself a bottle of Lubin Grisette; if you are still alive, please try Lubin Grisette; after I die, Please spray the Lubin Grisette in front of my grave.

Before, I sold a lot of Rumeur Rose, People like the kind of perfume that is as cool and refreshing as Fanta. Some people bought it back and told me that they like it, but they don’t use it often, because Lanvin’s Rumeur Rose is too fanta, and it is a little bit frivolous. They will spray in the mood when they are depressed, and then look at the green trees and safflowers quietly, but it is not appropriate to spray the Rumeur Rose to attend the dinner. The grand banquet does not need Fanta. Well, girls, now with Lubin Grisette, buy it!, you can use Fanta soda at the dinner party! A weapon to adjust emotions when a person is alone, a magic weapon to capture man  at a large and small party, and a recipe for improving taste and temperament is Lubin Grisette, which is the first item on the year’s must have list. 

  Lubin Grisette is an advanced version of the Rumeur Rose. TheRumeur Rose is Fanta’s soda and a little rose. The proportion of roses is very low. Many people don’t even smell it. Only the brisk green citrus is flying around. Lubin Grisette not only has a citrus club made of grapefruit and citrus, but also has a strong rose running through it, making it a very feminine. The temperament of Grisette is not old. It is the kind of fresh rose that young people love now.

 When it was just sprayed out, there was a little strong. However, after the citrus family adjustment, the iris and some oriental elements will float, making the overall temperament from strong to gentle. Grisette is not only suitable for spraying on the body, but also suitable for spraying on silk scarves, when the wind drifts, everyone passes you will feel good. The power of perfume is sometimes so great. Last night I sprayed Grisette on my pillow and had a good sleep.

Issey Miyake,L’Eau d’Issey Florale

Lately before going out, I will spray Serge Lutens or Santal Majuscule, and I really love these two. An hour ago I was going out, I feel vomit when I smell the Serge Lutens. The strong aroma is like the black truffle abalone braised pork: the materials are good materials, the chef’s technique is also very good, but you will vomit if you eat it 3 days straight. I really vomited for a while at the sink and frantically washed away the perfume. The problem that followed was that I could not go out without perfume, but I saw a lot of perfume on the table, from Dior to me on Arden Fifth Avenue, from Xerjoff Irisss to Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley, I have a serious problem. At this time, I saw the L’Eau d’Issey Florale. I originally planned to get rid of it for a cheaper price. The pink bottle looks very refreshing, so I sprayed it. Do you know the feel, after eating a lot of braised pork, a simple soup would be very helpful erase the greasy, that simple citrus rose lily fragrance,just like a fresh spring, washed the greasy, now I freed the soul!

The L’Eau d’Issey Florale is absolutely simple and fresh, the taste is simple, pointing to the hearts of the people, telling all: I am a girl. Delicate, relaxed, and slightly sweet, it won’t make you greasy. It is not sexy at all, nor is it Zen poetry. It is a simple rose lily water that is as transparent and light as a light soap bubble. You don’t have to fall in love with it, keep one, always ready to wash your soul. You are clean and clear.

Dolce & Gabbana,Rosa Excelsa

It is a fragrance men can not resist. Capture the man, and smile.

I didn’t know it had this effect before. Last week, my sister came to my house and went out with me. Before we go, she wants to use my Une Rose of FM. OMG, How can I do that to myself? Une Rose is so expensive! So I found this good one, I unpacked it and sprayed it to her, 5 times on cloths, and 1 on wrist. She is very pissed, yes, I am very stingy, smile~.

We took a taxi, the driver was watching her all the way. She sent a message to ask if she has a nipple slip, while not at all. The next day, she asked me what the perfume was. She said that at least six men asked her for phone number! As a 35-year-old unmarried and plain-looking girl, she said that she has not been so excited for 13 years, the last time she was so excited was when her former boyfriend at college made her unintended pregnancy. The men praised her smell good, she was flattered, and later she starts to realize: I don’t care what men like in me, a bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick, a skirt can be a happy or sexual props, and the flesh may not be what you love in deep soul, but who cares about that, live one day, happy one day, and she keeps buying that perfume, , now… very happy.

The flavor of Rosa Excelsa is full, and it is more inclined to bundle flowers in the 1990s. In recent years, this type of perfume is really rare. Now it is more popular with agarwood, or abstraction, two extremes. Rosa Excelsa puts a bunch of roses-based bouquets in a bundle, slaps them, smashes them, and bursts them on the skin. It makes women more feminine, with a little romantic Italian style, flowers wrapped a sexy and curvy girl, in the Mediterranean. The men will of course be dumped by them. As for how long the love lasts, who cares?

Alfred Sung,Jewel

A boy asked me, his girlfriend is going to have a birthday, what kind perfume could be a gift to her,  he want something a little bit special. I asked what constellation her girlfriend is , he said Gemini, The answer should be very simple! Alfred Sung’s Jewel is perfect for Gemini girl! The little princesses should wear diamonds, and the perfume they wear is Jewel.

Alfred Sung, this brand has certainly not spent much money on promotion in recent years, but the word of mouth has been good, the only reason is very simple: they smell good. Alfred Sung’s dozens of perfumes are very good, they are all very fresh, it reminds the people white clouds, wild grass flowers and white beauty. Take Jewel as an example. The slightly sweet pears are covered with a layer of jasmine. The orange blossoms also display its character. All the elements show their own nature, so how can it smell bad. Alfred Sung is not a brand of olfactory art, but a brand of practical perfume. It never wants to innovate, but its perfume can be sprayed at will. Even if it is not your taste , it can’t be annoying. There is almost no other brand can do it.

A girl with Jewel will probably never be old. Who can resist the time, but they may always have a young heart, always know how to be happy, excited, sad, shocked, they will retain the  largest imagination to the world, and willing to understand everything about world. If Jewel is not old, they are not old, and the beautiful jasmine will not be old. The moonlight is just right, the summer flowers will remain gorgeous.


Dusita’s new Iris perfume subverts my perception of Iris perfume.

In general, the Iris-themed perfumes can be divided into three categories: 1. Pure-tailed irises, such as Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist and Xerjoff’s Isisss, which will reflect the character of iris to the highest. People who like the smile of iris will be crazy about it, people who don’t like it will  vomit. There is no gray zone, either you love it or hate it. 2, the Iris-themed, but the Iris is only auxiliary. For example, Iris d’Or of Bvlgari, Bois d’Iris of Van Cleef & Arpels, this kind of perfume has obvious Iris scent, but it is not a pure Iris perfume. It will use other materials to weaken the sputum and darkness of the iris, making it easier to be accepted but also retain the characteristics of the iris; the third type is totally knockoff, the name, the theme is the iris, but there is no iris in the ingredients, at most a little carrot, will not name it here..

Dusita’s Splendiris is a model of the second category. It has a very strong Iris-like aroma, but it doesn’t have the earthy smell. It starts with a moment of soft citrus, a little bit moisturized, water, which is the dual effect of the leaves of the leeks and the leaves of the figs. This gentle watery feeling is very dreamy, everything to be played next will be graced by it. The rose and the iris are like, a round dance, a little bit sweet, it seems to be a combination of vanilla and honey, and a little deep wooden elements, I can not tell what kind of wood exactly. These materials got together and started dancing vigorously. The moisturizing feeling never disappeared, there was a little bit powdery and sweet, but not too much. There is no doubt that the woman who uses Splendiris must be the most special person at the party. She doesn’t have to be sexy, she doesn’t have a strong style. She doesn’t have a fierce face and she doesn’t pose a girl’s shy gesture. The woman with Iriss is too morally lofty. The woman who used Splendiris is not like that, she is silent, gentle is still her only gesture.