Prada,Amber Pour Homme

Prada, Amber Pour Homme.He is both a gentleman and a lone thief. The upper part of the soapy strong neroli oil and lavender together bring a very clean feeling, the lower part of the saffron wrapped in vanilla, myrrh, warm and slightly pungent.Prada Amber Pour Homme is really good, but it has not been too popular for years. I think this is related to Prada’s sales and promotion strategy. The company is not as good at idiots in pushing the perfume. I have smelled too much perfume. The new style of the past ten years, from commercial incense to salon fragrance, I have not found one can match Prada Amber Pour Homme, it is better than Tom Ford’s orange blossom oil, better than the Aramis calligraphy rose, Even if the two are combined, it is not comparable to Prada, because its price is not expensive at all, and the color looks good. I personally think that this culture element is too strong in the perfume. It is like the perfume that polished bad boy chooses most, use the kind gentle polished side to win your heart, use the mystery charming to occupy you, and hold him in your hand, otherwise he will run away, laughing at you far away.

Christian Lacroix, Tumulte &Gucci, Rush

Gucci, Rush.


I want something red. You want red, so you have red, and the bright red love pours from her hair. You see it is good, so you fell in love with her. Gucci Rush is a powerful and stimulating floral fragrance. It is both passionate and sad. It is destined to have no better results, but it is bright and eye-catching. It’s so cold, so beautiful, it’s love. You write poems for her, die for her, she is indifferent, but seems to return to look at you, giving you some encouragement. Then you move on and become the minister under her skirt. Rush is passionate and a surging desire. You think that passion is yours and desire is hers. Later, you discovered that passion and desire are all hers. She is full of Rush on her body, she smiles, she doesn’t belong to anybody.

Christian Lacroix, Tumulte.


Gorgeous is the true face of love. Under the makeup, ambushing the true heart, eager to find a person to fight, to kill, will eventually meet a person to share, to appease, to silence. Gorgeous will eventually grow old, all love has a broken and confusing side, from blooming to aging, the evolution of love is gradually calm, even if old, there should be no regrets. As long as you love, you don’t have to live forever, and your heart will shine together. Even if you only have one moment, you will be better than yourself. Tumulte is a flower, beautiful , ending in love.

Dolce & Gabbana,By

Every angel can not fly at the beginning of its birth. The lover wants him to fly, and the angel removes the ribs, gives birth to wings, and carries the lover to the east of Eden. The lover wants the angel to be cute, and the angel digs his eyes. Later, the angel died, and the lover looks for joy, dancing on the sacrum of the angel. God said that there should be light, the angel who died will ask, what is the light to do? God said that this is good. The dead angel don’t know, what is good.

Why did I dig my eyes? Because I’m jealous you can hold him, I can’t see it after I dig my eyes, I am guilty.

Why did I cut my feet? Because I can’t control to chase you, I can’t move after I cut my feet. I am far away from you, you are happy, I am black, I have a black heart.

Why don’t I go back? Because my neck is locked, I broke my neck, hurt my body, and I couldn’t move it. I can forget the past. I am weak.

Flowers grew from the place you went, you love flowers. The people you love are all smiling, you love them. Your life is colorful, rich and full of life, you love life. Everything you remember is simple and cute, you love memories. You can see the future brilliant, just around the corner, you love the future. You look at your body, the white is slender, the face is radiant, you love yourself. Have you forgotten something? Then you must not love.

Dolce & Gabbana’s By can be translated into indulgence, and the leopard bottle was described as wild indulgence. The taste of indulgence is a combination of musk and lavender, very light and very fairy. If this is indulgence, then the protagonist of the indulgence must have already flown into the sky.

Gianfranco Ferre, Gieffeffe

I smelled Gieffeffe 15 years ago. It was in a tattered shop in Harbin. The boss took out two bottles of Ferre’s perfume and threw it in front of me. “200 RMB per bottle.” When he spoke, his eyebrows shrugged, look looks like a cartoon character. He saw that I didn’t buy it, and then lazily sprayed Gieffeffe into the air, and there was a strange osmanthus fragrance. “What’s this!” He looked at the bottle, “Gieffeffe.”

Later, in another city, I saw Gieffeffe for the second time, a group of pseudo-literary youths, and a woman with very short hair used it. She took it out of the bag and told everyone that it was called  GieFeifei. “Ferre , Ferre , you know, the wizard who was called the architect of the fashion industry in the 20th century.” However, I have not smelled sweet-scented osmanthus this time. It’s fragrant, it only appears at the beginning of the moment, and it quickly drifts away. On this big sister, what I smell is a kind of mixed hard floral, completely composed of floral kernels, but not feminine and not aggressive. While it is very firm.

Then I finally got a bottle of Gieffeffe. I smelled all the changes in it, from one kind of floral to another, from the green of the vegetation to the glimpse of the spices. Gieffeffe is like a girl who is wandering around the world. She never stopped. You don’t know what she is looking for, but the kind of pursuit is fascinating enough.

Annick Goutal,Eau de Charlotte

Eau de Charlotte, also known as the autumn whisper, is a bottle of perfume that Annick Goutal made in 1982. The smell is not complicated: mimosa and lily of the valley occupy 99% of the space, and other gaps are probably filled with vanilla and other supporting role. Some people can only smell lily here, the vast majority I smell is mimosa, lily of the valley is only a supporting role,  to the tone, vanilla is the most part, very sweet. But the sweetness here won’t make me think of “sugar”, it’s just the ubiquitous sweetness above the skin, the faint shards, mixed in those little flowers, exquisite and clear.

You can not say Eau de Charlotte smell very good and it can’t make me think of love. However, its temperament is very good, and my intuitive feeling for the perfume is a girl in a white dress, standing in the flower field of Fengmao. She is reading Elizabeth Bishop, you are reading her. What a wonderful thing, like the drizzle, the mountains and the snow, the butterfly loves the crane, and the sky. Like you finally walked past her, suddenly she saw your face.

Salvatore Ferragamo,Viola Essenziale

This color is beautiful.

Of course, I love the deep purple of Sarrasins, the gorgeous passion, like the color of blood, every drop is in my heart. But Viola Essenziale is easier to wear. It takes purple out of the soul, dyes it on gorgeous silk, sings and dances, and tenderness. The purple here is a little bit of shallow. The daylight comes, and the light purple halo is swaying. It is indeed silk texture, it is the kind of smooth silk, dyed a layer of gorgeous light purple, in fact, the color of the iris, has not turned into a deep blue purple, has not begun to glamorous. It didn’t break into the magic road, there was a faint wave of light in the palm of your hand, and it was red when it touched it. It was shy.

Viola Essenziale is extremely good and extremely easy to wear. Speaking of this, it is not like silk.  The iris is between the flowers, the grass and the roots. It has a planty smell, but it doesn’t make you feel that it is a plant. Besides that, Viola Essenziale is a very good perfume. Its balance and durability are very good, this smell will not be amazing, but it is more comfortable, and the color is very beautiful. I like to use it in sunny weather, as if the skin can be comforted by it, the layer of light purple silk is fit, the years are silent, the world is affectionate.

Hanae Mori

I wanted to sell out this Hanae Mori a few days ago. Before receive the payment, I opened the bottle, and then decided to ruin the promise and not sell it to her. This is too fucking good to smell, just like a hidden garden, pushing open the door and going in, 10,000 springs are exploding in front of your eyes!

The breath that can be distinguished by the naked eye is narcissus, oakmoss, jasmine, and tuberose. The old perfumes of Shiseido are almost all of this kind. The flowers are full, the scent is full, and there is no frivolity. There are some something deep in it.Hanae Mori’s own perfume line was established in 1995, all of which are sweet and floral, but compared with the one 1970s, no master style can be found. Yes, this is Mrs. Butterfly, those beautiful little gimmicks can only be called amnesia butterflies.

Bornéo1834, SergeLutens, 1834##Gratte-Ciel

Hirose: In 1834, when European ladies saw the patchouli essential oil for the first time, those golden precious liquids let them know what bitterness is. Patchouli comes from the earth that has been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. The essence of thick soil makes it hoarse and silent, and it is the same life as the mother of the earth. It makes bitter into steel.

Cocoa fruit: Before 500 BC, Aztecs, childcare, Maya and Incas only ate fresh flesh of cocoa, because cocoa bean was bitter and difficult to swallow, but cocoa fruit was rich in flavor. Later, they used the skyfire to fire the cocoa beans. The aroma after roasting surprised people. Those aromas were bitter and sweet, and they remained in the sky for a long time. The gift of the zombie.

Borneo: Borneo has a vast virgin forest. The afterglow of the setting sun hits the dark green shadows of the trees. The whole island of Kalimantan is still moving. From afar, it is green and majestic. The enthusiasm is projected on the endless land of tension, releasing the energy that destroys everything.

Black: Black is the entanglement of day and night. The sun is not clear. Black and white flowers are quiet and fragrant in the darkness, and they are rushing to life.

Bitterness: There is no more bitter perfume than Bornéo1834. The bitterness of patchouli is wrapped in a waxy dry cocoa aroma. The licorice is splendid and luxurious. It is mixed with a little white snake of gray snake silk. It is bitter, cold and confused. Like the truth of life we don’t want to see. Can you not suffer? No. Suffering is a gesture, it is absolutely cold, the past is good. Suffering needs to be chewed slowly. 

Love: love is fear, humble expectation; love is not self-aware, love is forgotten; love is suspicion, love is jealous, love is sweet but sour, love is bitter and sweet; love is betraying self, love is inexplicable coma, love is long-lasting patience. The night is true, the shoulders around you are real, and the last kiss is true. In Bornéo 1834, love is true, suffering is true, darkness is true.

Sometimes I pass your bitterness, sometimes I pass you.

Le Galion,Tubéreuse

Four years ago, I broke a whole bottle of Le Galion Tubéreuse at home. After that, everyone who came to my house was like intoxicated, just like I fed them a big bowl of aphrodisiac.Four years later, I bought another bottle of Le Galion Tubéreuse. This time I didn’t break it , I sprayed it on the quilt and towel every day. In my opinion, Le Galion Tubéreuse is like another layer of clothe, wrapped the skin, with the coolness of the fruit and the splendour of the tuberose, shows elegant and beautiful. I have used countless bottles of tuberose-themed perfumes. Le Galion is one of the most modern one of all. Tuberose, this kind of spice, is easy to make a strong style, sticky and sleek, there is sense of a senior woman’s majesty. But when the dose is large enough, it shows a half-sweet and half-fresh youthful state. Except for Le Galion, I can’t think of any perfume like this.   

You may not be familiar with the Le Galion brand. This is an old French brand, founded by Prince Murat. Before the Second World War, he produced more than ten perfumes, most of which were made by Paul Vacher, who has made Miss Dior and Lanvin Arpege. In 2014, the old brand Le Galion was resurrected. The new and re-enacted old models are all very good. Go buy it, life can not be suck with such a good smell of perfume.

Oriza L.Legrand,Déjà le Printemps

This is not the spring in your imagination.

There are about a thousand kinds of perfumes that express the theme of spring. Most of them are based on florals. For example, Creed Spring Flower and Celine Dion Spring in Paris, which we are very familiar with, are dozens of kinds of flowers.

Oriza, the Déjà le Printemps, is really different. The name is translated as “Spring is here” and its way to express spring is grass. It is mixed with the green flavors of mint, fig leaves and grasses, plus some mossy elements (probably oakmoss), and shows the state of green grass sprouting and branches sprinkling after spring rain. This spring is a bit moist and gloomy. Those grasses and  leaves pop up after a light rain, behind you, looking at you from afar. It certainly has some floral notes. Under the influence of white rosin and vetiver, the faint floral fragrance is negligible. The  leisurely white rosin and the dry vetiver , neutralize a little steam, blasted all the faint loneliness in the spring. If someone can give you a hug, don’t let him go.